Keratin – best you can do for your hair

Smiling Beautiful Woman With Brown Short Hair. Haircut. HairstylWoman who are lucky to have nice curly hair often would like to have it straight. And ladies with straight hair tend to curl it. We can achieve both results with the use of special hair care tools. Curling want, hair straightener, hot air brush, curling iron- all of these may help you look great, however the effect will be only temporarily. If the weather is sunny and dry your hairstyle will remain intact maybe till the rest of the day. What happens to your hair during rainy morning we all can imagine.

If you are fed up with your hair looking weak and dry, the keratin treatment is for you.

What is Keratin?

It is a protein that makes up your nails and your hair. During the treatment hair’s less dense areas are filled in with this protein, which allows smoothing effect. It makes you hair looking shiny, healthy for weeks. The good side effect of using keratin is that your hair is straight but only until the first wash. Some people mislead it with a Brazilian blowout treatment, which is purely for permanent straight hair effect. There are some rules you have to follow once you have a Keratin treatment done. You cannot wash your hair for at least 3 days after you leave your hairdresser. Secondly, don’t use any hair pins or bands for the next few weeks. And finally, to get the best result use special shampoos and conditioners.

How does the process of Keratin hair treatment look like?

Before having keratin applied, your hair needs to be very clean. Usually the head is cleaned twice with super cleansing shampoo to make sure your hair and scalp is completely oil-free. Then your hair need to dry a bit and when it’s still damp it is time for keratin. It is applied with a small brush from roots up to the ends. For better product abortion the heat is needed. Straightening seals the product to your hair.

It is beneficial to repeat this kind of treatment about 3 times. It used to very expensive but now the price for one session is around 80 GBP.

Is it worth having it done?

Yes, your hair will be much smoother, resistant to humidity. It will cut down your daily styling routine and it is completely safe.

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