How to use highlighter

Many of us are not yet familiar with relatively new beauty product which is the highlighter. We either don’t know what it is at all or we have got the wrong perception it. Maybe it is not as popular as a lipstick or a bronzer but it is good to have it and to know how to use it.

How to use highlighterWhat does it give you?

Highlihter as the name suggests, brings attention to certain spots on your body. When applied, it gives you instant glow that we all desire. When using it we should focus on areas the sun naturally spotlights. Nowadays, there are many different types of highlighters on the market available. In a form of a cream, liquid or powder. The choice is really big. For those who just start to use the highlighter it is good to get the solid, sand highlighter first. It is much more difficult to overdo it.

How to apply highlighter?

There are certain areas of your face that should be underlined by the this product. It is crucial to know that you cannot put highlighter all over your face. If you do it, your face will look oily and dewy. Putting the it just over your cheek bones will make your face look fresh. In order to make your lips look bigger, place a bit of a highlighter right in the dip of your cupid’s bow.

If you would like to slim your nose a bit the highlighter is the perfect tool for that.

Just place the product down the centre of your nose making sure that you don’t go all the way to the end.

Your eyes area is another place where you can use highlighter. Take a tiny bit of the product and gently tap it under your eyebrows and in the inner corners of your eyes to make your them look bigger.

What to avoid?

With the cream highlighter you don’t want to put it on the apples of you cheeks like you would blush. You should put it slightly above your cheekbone to make your face look brighter.

If you decide to use a liquid product don’t put it directly on your face but first place it on your hands and then use your fingertips and stipple the top of the cheekbones with it. If you use the wand it may happen that you will put too much product on your face.

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