The Autumn Trends in Make-up

We know that you cannot wait any more. You just want to go to shop and buy new trendy lipstick and few nail polishes. There is nothing in this World that improves woman’s mood like new cosmetic… unless we talk about two new cosmetics. Autumn is just around the corner and it introduces us with some make-up novelties. Today, we want to tell you all about the colours and trends for the upcoming autumn season.

autumn.jpg1. Foundation

The method of application stays the same, obviously. However, you may want to bury that dark foundation you chose for your tanned skin, somewhere at the bottom of your cosmetic bag. In the Autumn skin goes back to its lighter complexion, so you should equip yourself with foundation that will match it. You should try cosmetics with a bit thicker consistency – it will be an additional protection against the Autumn rainy weather.

2. Blusher – yes or no?

Blusher dominated the summer season. After all, the top trend was face contouring with two shades of the blusher. And in the Autumn everything stays the same. Make-up artists fell in love with the effect of young and fresh face, so blusher will accompany us in the autumn season as well. It will beautifully make skin radiant and provide it with natural glow.

3. Strong accent – lips

It was a long time since make-up artists been this unanimous about something – this season most of them talks about an intense colours of lips. All nude shades of lipsticks and lip glosses are no more and have to wait for better (warmer?) days. You should definitely decide on strong colours in shades of blackberry, blueberry, cherry or intense wine. Make-up artists say also that you do not have to worry, because lipstick does not have to fill in the lips contours. Rock and roll image with slightly smudged contour is a hot new trend. Next to classical lipsticks will rule matte shades, only in dark versions.

4. Eyes? Nude will defeat boredom

Put aside all eye pencils and eyeliners for artistic lines on the eyelids and their area. As far as lipstick in delicate colour won’t work this Autumn, the eyes in shades of brown, beige and delicate grey and olive are a big YES. Cosmetic brands are preparing special and beautiful palettes in natural colours. The choice is wide. If you search for perfect eye shadows – you can always try the iconic palette from Urban Decay (Naked, Naked 2 or Naked 3). Light, neutral colours will certainly rejuvenate your look.

5. Nail polishes will be like the Autumn sonata

Intense, deep and a bit dark. You have to enrich your collection with nail polishes in shades of intense, dark green or deep emerald, black coffee, olive, copper or gold. Great are also shades of dark red and violet.

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