Match your make-up with the shape of your eyes!

Every time you pass by a woman with not that pretty eyes, you must know that the fault lies in wrong make-up. Panda eyes doesn’t come from nowhere. Usually we are the one to do that to ourselves. Look at the shape of your eyes and… learn what make-up is best for them!

eye-make-up.jpgThere is good reason behind the believe that eye make-up is one of the most difficult. Small mistake, wrong colour or too long line can worsen our general appearance of eyes. You have to know how to perform eye make-up, and to do that you need to know what shape they have.

Having hooded eyelids

Having hooded eyes is probably the most difficult thing to deal in eye make-up. There are several rules you have to stick to in order to avoid highlighting it in an unfavourable manner.

  • Outer part of eyelid always underline with dark eye shadow, e.g. dark brown.
  • Eyelid near brow ridge cover with matte and light eye shadow.
  • Inner part of eye underline with light shade, it can be even pearl accent.
  • Water line treat with beige or white eye pencil.
  • On lower eyelid apply dark shade or the one you used for outer parts of eyes.
  • Thin line should start in the middle of an eyelid and have other colour than black.

Protruding eyes

Make-up for protruding eyes is rather not that problematic. It is the most important to use dark shades of eye shadows, without pearl accents. It is also not recommended to use golden, silver or brocade cosmetics. You can lighten brow ridge with some beige shade. Lower eyelid can remain in natural colour, but you can also underline it with colours such as grey or light brown.

Deep set eyes

Deep set eyes seem smaller, so their make-up should be performed in aim to make them larger. Of greatest relevance here is combination of few harmonious colours of shades. You can try following combination: quite light eye shadow on the lower eyelid (e.g. light grey), darker line in the crease of upper eyelid (e.g. brown-grey). As always, skin under brow ridge lighten with bright eye shadow. Eyes with even deeper set look good in beige and golden or grey and pearl colours.

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