How to take care of skin in the evening?

When you sleep, your skin regenerates. New skin cells come into being, micro-circulation increases, nutritional ingredients are better and faster absorbed. Therefore, before going to sleep, you should remember to apply cosmetics which will condition your body skin. Check which products are going to be the best choice.

skin-care.jpgChoose cosmetics which have thick and greasy consistency. In the evening, after the bath or shower, you have a lot of time to apply a lotion and do a short body massage. Products which offer rich formula are slowly absorbed thus remember to wait a moment before putting on your pyjamas. Don’t forget to use anti-cellulite products. You enhance blood circulation and facilitate fat loss by providing your skin with firming and warming ingredients. As a result, the skin becomes smoother, more elastic and beautiful.

In your evening beauty routine, apply cosmetics which contain a lot of active ingredients. Go for products with coenzyme Q10, vitamins A, B3,E and C, ceramides, proteins, flavonoids, urea and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the processes which take place at night (more intensive exfoliating, cellular recovery and accelerated circulation), the above-mentioned ingredients will penetrate into deeper portions of the skin. They will provide young look, smooth the wrinkles, lighten discoloured skin, firm the skin, moisturise and nourish.

Which cosmetics will give your skin the best care? Women use lotions, creams and butters very often. However, concentrates have appeared at drug stores some time ago. What is the difference between these products? Lotions offer very fast absorption thus it can be used after the morning shower. They have light formula, moisturise well but contain few nutritional ingredients. Creams have thicker consistency and condition the body skin much better than lotions. Cosmetic butters are recommended for those whose skin is extremely dry and requires immediate regeneration. And what are the concentrates? They stimulate cellular recovery, contain lots of active and nutritional ingredients and their action is aimed at a particular skin problem.

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