How to give your favourite beauty products a second life

How to give your favourite beauty products a second lifeBroken lipstick, dry mascara, or your eyeshadow has been accidently smashed? Who doesn’t know it? Sometimes it seems that there is no safe place for our beauty products. There are two solutions for that kind of situation: we can either bin it, or give it a second life. Is that even possible, you may ask. Check for yourself.

Cracked eyeshadow, setting powder or blush can be fixed in the same way. It may seem irrational but we need to press it with some kind of a stick to break it down even more. Once it looks like a powder, get a small lid of rubbing alcohol and slowly pour a few drops of it into eyeshadow container. Mix well these two products. Don’t worry if you poured a lot of alcoho. There is nothing like too much, because all the alcohol will dissolve. Then drop the containers from an inch height so that this mixture flattens at the top. The product is still very goopy so all you need to do is to leave it in a dry place for few days. When it is completely parched it is ready to use.

We all have a mascara that we absolutely love, that makes our eyelashes long and beautiful. And all of the sudden it decides to dry out .You don’t have to rush to the drugstore to get a new one. You can fix the old one and wear it for another few weeks. All you need is to mix few drops of hot water or an eye drops to your mascara and mix it with the wand. It is important that you leave the mascara container open for 24hrs so all the moisture can dissolve.

If your lipstick has broke just warm up the broken ends with a lighter put it back together so it melts back and then put it in your fridge overnight. It is a quick and simple and you will be happy to again your your favourite product.

If you would like to restore your old nail polish. If it gets tacky and sticky all you need to do is to simply keep in the fridge. What you definitely don’t want to do is to pour your nail remover. It may seem that it is working but it may turns out that the polish doesn’t stay on your nails even for a day.

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