TEST! Nanoil face serum with vitamin C. Would I recommend it?


Did you know that using vitamin C more often than when you feel sick is a good thing to do? Surprised? Okay, so I’ve got another question for you: Did you know that food supplements and citric fruit aren’t the only sources of vitamin C? What if I told you that you can supply your body with vitamin C externally by using some vitamin-rich beauty products?

Today I’m going to tell you the benefits of implementing vitamin C into your daily skincare routine. Feeling competent in this subject, I’ll try to list you all the pluses and explain the properties of vitamin C. Why do I feel competent to talk about vitamin C? Because of my latest discovery – Vitamin C Face Serum by Nanoil. Naturally, you can expect me to give you a short review of this product, but apart from that, I’ll do my best to tell you this and that about vitamin C which – in my humble opinion – seems to be a popular, yet not-so-recognized nutrient.

My choice: Nanoil face serum with vitamin C

For a start, I owe you a few words of explanation on why I decided to go for Nanoil face serum since there are so many other vitamin C serums to choose form.

That’s simple! When I’m looking for some product to test, I always follow the reviews and comments. In the case of Nanoil Vit. C Face Serum the reviews spoke for themselves. Apparently, not only did women fall in love with this lightweight and effective serum but also the experts seem to recommend this skin care product as a remedy for discolorations and other skin problems.

I decided to check how truthful these recommendations and reviews are. I was curious whether vitamin C face serum by Nanoil is effective so I ordered it from the official website, which I suggest you to do as well, provided that you are interested in testing this cosmetic. Here is the official e-store in case you need it: www.nanoil.co.uk

Roles of vitamin C in skin health

What are the benefits of vitamin C for skin? Does it make any sense to apply skin care products with vitamin C? What is the point in supplying our skin with vitamin C?

I don’t know if you know that but “C” seems to be dermatologists’ favorite vitamin; its strong antioxidative effect was proven by many researches. This makes it one of the strongest and the most effective antioxidants known to humans, which means that vitamin C deals with free radicals. In this way, this nutrient is able to do both: protect skin cells against damage and facilitate skin self-regenerating processes in a single step!

Form the cosmetologists point of view, vitamin C stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. Are you familiar with these proteins? Would I surprise if I told you that they are responsible for keeping our skin firm, supple and resilient? If their number in skin is adequate, the risk of wrinkles is reduced. And this anti-ageing effect that vitamin C offers is even stronger because ascorbic acid shields skin from harmful UV rays. In other words, vitamin C delays photo-ageing of the skin.

We shouldn’t forget either that vitamin C is able to brighten discolorations up and even skin tone out. I guess, this is a wonderful information for those whose skin is blemished with pigmentation spots because these nasty marks are hard to get rid of.

Face serum with vitamin C by Nanoil

All the above-described properties can be found in Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum, which I now consider to be my favorite face serum with ascorbic acid.

This serum is available in a 50-millilitre bottle which ensures you few long months of skin improving treatment. Trust me, this vitamin C-rich cosmetic is runny and lightweight so there is no need to use big portions to spread the serum evenly all over the face. Actually, I’m going to tell you everything about the application in a moment.

Before that, I’d like to draw your attention to the design of Nanoil face serum with vitamin C because it’s just lovely! This cute and small bottle is not only decorated by a luxurious-looking label but also it comes with a convenient glass dropper attached to a wooden cap. Stunning!

TEST: How does Nanoil face serum with vitamin C work?

Now it’s the most important part of my post, which I’m going to devote to reviewing the effectiveness of this skin care product. I’ll try to give you a description of this 6-week treatment.

The first application of the face serum

What left me most surprised was the consistency: it wasn’t greasy at all! Vitamin C Face Serum by Nanoil is runny and penetrates skin quickly. I needed only 2 drops of this product to cover my entire face evenly. Literally, I used just 2 drops for one application! What an efficient skin care product is it!

The first impression? My skin became smoother and somehow fresher in a snap! Additionally, the tight skin sensation was replaced by pleasant hydration. And I could enjoy all of that with no irritating aromas or sticky feel which is typical of other face serums.

Effects achieved after 1 week

Throughout the first week I kept applying Nanoil face serum every morning and evening. In order to make sure that I wouldn’t forget to apply the serum daily, I placed it on my mirror shelf. This is how I always remembered to spread it on my skin after washing my face.

What were the first-week effects of Vitamin C Nanoil face serum? Certainly it was the continuing skin hydration that made my face smooth. I no longer felt as if my skin was one size smaller than my face. What I noticed instead was smooth, soft and revitalized skin.

Effects achieved after 4 weeks

It surprised me how effectively and – above all – how quickly this face serum with vitamin C dealt with my discolorations. Already after 4 weeks the skin became even: minor pigmentation spots disappeared, whereas the bigger ones were brightened up significantly. I kept using the serum twice a day because I felt that this is exactly what my skin needed at that time.

My comment after almost 2 months

Today, when I managed to achieve everything I wanted to get, I don’t use Nanoil face serum twice a day. What I wanted to achieve? Well, my complexion is now brightened up, radiant and smooth. I no longer feel the tightness and discomfort that I used to feel before because the skin is well-moisturized now. After a whole day, it isn’t irritated because vitamin C added to Nanoil face serum protects the skin from the sun, urban pollution and free radicals. All discolorations have disappeared, even those triggered by acne.

Finally, I have a beautiful complexion thanks to just one beauty product! And that’s why I will definitely recommend Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum to you.

Test result: 100% satisfaction!

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