Homemade methods for eyelash growth vs. eyelash serums

Homemade methods for eyelash growth vs. eyelash serumsEven though, the length of our lashes is genetic, they still do not grow to the maximum. What is the reason for it? It is mainly because of the lack of proper care. Many factors, such as: diet, make-up, make-up removal, different beauty treatments, have influence on their condition or length. What is the best method for eyelash growth?

For many women, long eyelashes determine their attractiveness. They all want to seduce with their look, however, they have no idea how to make this dream come true. There are usually two, most common options: some girls simply stop paying attention to their eyelashes. On the other hand, women who cannot put up with such problem, often decide to have eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, such procedures provide only temporary effects. None of those two solutions is good enough. Eyelash growth depends on the condition and health of the eyelashes. Only proper care will enhance the eyelashes.


There are two methods of care, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages. Below, we would like to present them in detail. Therefore, if you want to know how to stimulate eyelash growth and achieve expressive look with no artificial beautifying.

Homemade methods

Nowadays, it is very popular to reach to the old methods of care. We mainly concentrate on using natural ingredients. Therefore, it is advisable to look through your kitchen to find nourishing substances than can be transferred into the bathroom. It is all justified on the grounds that we want to use cosmetics free of harmful substances. Does it make sense when it comes to eyelashes as well?

There are various homemade methods for eyelash growth and care. The most popular is castor oil that is obtained from a plant called castor (Ricinus communis). The plant on its own is poisonous but it is often seen in many gardens. Nevertheless, its oil (properly extracted) contains number of nourishing components that provide valuable properties in terms of eyelash treatment. Applying castor oil to eyelashes stimulates their growth. However, you cannot expect miracles, this process takes a long time and not always brings the results you desire.

Other means that can be used in the comfort of your own home are: olive oil, vaseline or even brushing eyelashes. The use of natural oils such as castor or olive oil is very time-consuming. Additionally, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the effect your expect. The application itself takes a long time and is difficult due to the oily consistency. Whereas brushing your eyelashes or massaging your eyelid stimulate blood circulation and improve eyelash growth. Unfortunately, in reality the effect are feeblish.

Nevertheless, homemade methods have a major advantage – they are inexpensive or completely costless and safe. Eyelid massage or brushing eyelashes are done free of charge. Castor oil is available in every drugstore and is very cheap, whereas olive oil is already in most kitchens. Only vaseline might be slightly more expensive but it is still not much considering its efficiency.

What are the advantages of homemade eyelash growth methods?

  • they are completely free of charge or very cheap;
  • they are natural and safe;
  • they are available everywhere and suitable for everyone.

What are the disadvantages of homemade eyelash growth methods?

  • they do not guarantee the effects; they might as well not work at all;
  • the use is tedious and time-consuming;
  • you must wait long for the first results;
  • due to the oily formula, they are difficult to apply and wash off;
  • by using them incompetently, they can cause more harm than good.

Ready-made cosmetics

Nanolash-perfect for youA good alternative to homemade products are always ready-made cosmetics. The market is full of serums and other cosmetics made especially to nourish and enhance natural eyelashes. The most popular ones are concentrated eyelash and eyebrow serum that stimulates bulbs to work and improve growth. How exactly do they work?

The effects of eyelash and eyebrow serum are based on a simple rule – they must have direct influence on the root of the problem. The struggle with short and thin hair starts in their follicles. This is the reason why lash care products work on the bulbs, to nourish and regenerate them. In consequence, your natural eyelashes start to grow longer. The healthier and stronger the bulb is, the longer and stronger the lashes are.

Among many eyelash and eyebrow serums, the most popular is Nanolash serum. It is recommended by women from all over the world, which indicates its effectiveness. Nanolash is based on innovative formula of natural nourishing components of regenerating, strengthening and protecting properties. Its price is low, especially taking into consideration the fact that one bottle is enough for 6 months of use.

Moreover, the effects of eyelash growth serum are confirmed by various test and reviews. How does it look like in terms of time and money? Of course, the key to success is persistence and regularity. Keep in mind that no eyelash serum will stimulate their growth within minutes. You must wait a few weeks for the first effects to be noticeable. For some people, it can take 2 weeks, while for other, up to two months. It all depends on how susceptible to the active ingredients your system is. Nevertheless, great effects are guaranteed.

The time that is required to apply eyelash serum is also worth mentioning. For the entire process of application you must devote, more or less, a minute. With the use of the thin and precise brush, apply serum along your lashline. You do not have to worry about applicators or time-consuming application. Surely every woman will have the time to use eyelash serum after her evening make-up removal.

It also pays off when it comes to the price. Just have a look what the producers have to offer. For one eyelash and eyebrow serum you will pay as much as for a good quality mascara (Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum in the least expensive one). It does not seem as a lot of money due to the fact that it is enough for 6 months. What is more, the effects last a lot longer than that.

What are the advantages of eyelash growth serums?

  • they consist of concentrated, natural ingredients;
  • they are the only effective method for eyelash growth;
  • they work in two dimensions: treat and improve length;
  • the application takes less than a minute each evening;
  • you must wait for the effects, however, they last long after finishing the treatment;
  • the price is adequate to the quality.

What are the disadvantages of eyelash growth serums?

  • the cost is higher in comparison to homemade methods;
  • you must remember about the regular use.

17 Comments “Homemade methods for eyelash growth vs. eyelash serums”

  1. Katia96

    my friend recommended this serum after the beautician ruined my lashes by applying eyelash extensions incorrectly and the false ones fell out with my natural ones shortly after the pocedure. The serum is amazing and it works really fast!

  2. Angela

    reitalash helped me after removing eyelash extensions, it’s a pretty good serum but very expensive

    • VeronicaM

      I heard that revitalash and nanolash work exactly the same

      • Madeleine

        I had both of them and I prefer nanolash. not only because it’s less expensive XD the effect was beter and lasted longer

        • Tilly

          I saw this serum in many reviews and on the first place of most rankings so I’m guessing it’s the best on the market

  3. Ginger_Ginny

    it’s still expensive for me. I’d rather spend the money on a high-quality mascara

  4. Amy

    I know that those serums can increase lash length but the lashes will never look the same as with eyelash extensions. No serum will ever thicken them that much

    • BettyU

      So what if there are no lashes left after removing eyelash extensions. After few months I gave up lash extensiosn because there were no lashes to attach the false ones to. Now I only use a high-quality serum and a good mascara. For more important events I apply individual lashes

  5. Margaret

    I tried castor oil but indeed it took a long time to see the effects, my lashes grew a little bit and became darker. But I applied the oil every single day for weeks

    • Jules

      I got allergies because of this oil and I had to stop using it 🙁 now I am thinking of this serum because I heard a lot about it in the past

      • Pauline

        I also heard about applying argan oil to lashes but I don’t know if it would work

        • Alyssa_21

          I love how it takes care of the skin around the eye and mosturises lashes but it definitely doesn’t work like a serum. Thanks to nanolash my lashes are longer and thicker

  6. Natalie

    I have this serum for two weeks and I notice that lashes got stronger:) it doesn’t fall out during makeup removal

    • Ava

      I’ve been using it for a month but not super-regularly and it stopped fallng out and became longer anyway

  7. LillyK

    Can you buy it somewhere stationary or only online?

    • Natalie

      I haven’t seen it in any shop and ordered mine from the official website, it was cheaper to purchase two at once

  8. Mona

    I started the treatment yestrday, can’t wait to see the effects


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